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Where in Washington Job Assignments

Introduce the Class: Jazmen and Danielle

Give Clues

  • Direction: Zack Graham, Danny, Daniel, Tony,
    Document: James
  • Water: Stephanie, Andrea, James, Chad
    Document: Jared
  • State Park: Lizzi, Brent, Jennifer, Sara, Jesse
    Document: Nisha
  • Rec. Activity: Lauren, Kayla, Bredan, Kristi,
    Document: Jolene
  • Employer: Kelly, Baylee, Kashia, Towner, Vitaliy
    Document: Austin
  • Tourist Attraction: Cassidy, Johnathan, Chris, April
    Document: Naomi
  • History: Kelly, Rebekah, Rachel
    Document: Wes
  • Introduce the Governor and help with clues:
    Abigal, Felicia, Sarah

Take the question and answer: Nick and Matt

Ask our follow up question: Austin and Brenden

Say our answers to sites: Cody and Daniel

Reveal our site and say goodbye: Jazmen








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